The Stressing Table

Poetry, poetry in motion, Video

Back in front of mirror to put on my face
The only constant in my life I chase.
Whatever happens, trauma or storm,
I always put on my face.
My face is my norm.
My face is my name.
My face is in an album
On Facebook. 

Made up, make up:
My dressing table’s lined with make up:
powders, perfumes, lipsticks,
cover up,
prescription drugs
empty bags,
‘cuz life’s a drag,
notepads with pages blank
or filled
with dried up hopes
that were once dreams,
in not too distant memories.

Dried up pens.
No books,
Just me focused on how I’m looked
Upon and hooked into the eyes of men
And so called friends.

But really.
What am I dressing up for?
Who am I trying to impress?
Because truthfully,
I’m unimpressed.

Love >>> ISN’T </3

Poetry, Video

Video and poetry = a motion of emotion poetry ❤

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What was that?
Love isn’t  selfish.
It isn’t spiteful.
Love isn’t cruel.
It isn’t jealous.
Love isn’t  possessive.
What was that?
Love doesn’t hurt,
Hurting hurts!
Love doesn’t break you.
Or depend on you.
Love doesn’t have to defend you.
Love doesn’t expect from you,
Any more than you can give.
What was that?
Love isn’t claustrophobic.
Or limiting.
Love isn’t a prison of regret and sadness.
Love is definitely not hate!
Love isn’t clingy.
Love isn’t  lust.
Love isn’t a contract
The dust of what we did to each other.
What was that?
Love doesn’t drain you.
Love doesn’t make you feel numb,
Or dumb.
Love doesn’t judge.
Love doesn’t test.
Love doesn’t make you crazy,
Like they all love to attest!
What was that?
Love is not need.
Love is not being infatuated,
or being addicted
Love is not violence.
Love is not crying.
Love is not resentment.
Love is not war.
So we thought that was love?
No. How could it be?
Isn’t love meant to be?
Why should it be “worth fighting for”,
If it’s real,
Why fight for it?
Love doesn’t expect to be reciprocated
Love just gives,
With no expectations.
If I loved you, I would have let you.
And if I loved you I would have let you go.
If I loved you, I would have trusted you.
If I loved you, I would have held you when you needed me,
Not just when I needed you.
If you loved me,
All this would have never happened.
If you loved me, you would have let me go.
But, no.
We didn’t let each other go,
We were too busy with our big egos,
Even when we knew
We should have let it go.
I’d never loved a man,
I realised.
I just liked boys,
Instructed in a false understanding of it,
And I was just as misled a girl about its definition.
We feel all these things that love is not,
And call it love,
Even when it makes our insides rot?
What was that then?
The two are the ultimate mismatch.
Together, they topple
Great empires of hearts and souls,
Falling madly,
Sadly, with every single string attached.