Pictures Hide A Thousand Lies… 1

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Do you ever look at a photo
And wonder if what’s pictured
As it seems?

Picture this,
Pictured this.

He’s holding her hands and looking deep into her eyes
A look of longing and admiration
Down at this vision in violet.
She’s looking up at him,
Her big brown eyes, love-struck
And her lips pursed
As if ready to receive the kiss of life.


She’s his third wife.
He banged her best friend last summer.
He hates it when she opens her mouth.
He only wants children to make his mother happy.

She knows she’ll never live up to his mother.
She knows he banged her best friend.
She knows he’s lying about where his money’s going.
She can smell the stench of her perfume.
She can’t have kids and she doesn’t know how to break it to him.
She’s terrified.

But what’s the point in showing them the truth?
Hit them with lies
That’s how they survive.
All this is staged.
A staged photo to justify
Why they ever decided to walk down that aisle.

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest gals I know!



Miss Hendricks, you often say:
“It’s not all about you, OK”?
Well, Miss Nianne Hendricks,
Today I do declare,
It’s all about YOU.
I’m all about you!
Today, I’m celebrating you!
I think you should be too!

To call you my best friend would be insulting,
As you were never mine.
Comparing you to others futile,
There’s no comparison to go by.

You’re your own unique work of art,
A masterpiece that’ll never cease,
You’re more than butt and bosom,
Your mind would puzzle Henri Matisse.

Your wisdom is so enlightening,
Your words set fire unto souls,
The number of books you’ve read is frightening,
But you make me want to read them all.

They say go to school and learn from teachers,
Studying empires that rise and fall,
But true friends are the greatest teachers,
And you give the greatest gifts of all:

Valuable lessons,
Empowering “lectures”,
Humbling realisations,
Unconditional support,
Unwavering honesty,
Bluntness at its most beautiful,
And an abundance of axis-shifting love.

They say you can’t choose family,
But hey, I’m choosing you.
The blood we share runs deep,
Sister, I’ll say it again too!

You are absolutely amazing.
You’ve touched so many lives.
I know you’re greatest assets that make you, you
Will continue to shine and thrive.

You deserve a flame as profound as yours,
To keep that third eye alive!
One day the twin will come,
Or one day the twin will realise!
I hope you never give up on who you are,
The world needs more people like you alive.

About Time.

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If I had all the time to give
I’d sit and drink with all
For all there ever is between
Are love and blessings, tall.

Every human has a story
That shows their grandest hue
To know them is to know their glory
But digging deep means knowing few. 

If I had all the time to give
I’d get to know you more
I feel there is something brilliant there
But to know feels like a chore. 

Because once I give my time to you,
They’ll be wanting, many more,
And I like living in my silent hue
While my mind swims its furthest shores. 

The Naked Truth


Screen Shot 2560-02-26 at 11.09.23 AM.png

I grow more naked by the day.
Shedding layers is painful but exciting
And enlightening
But also frightening.
Anxiety is heightening.

Being so bold and bare for the whole world to see,
I know they don’t really care,
About my
Being the essence of me,
But it’s a tough go for me.

Having trouble accepting what the world wants to see
Getting closer to the version of me I want to be.
Wearing my heart on the sleeve,
My soul and beliefs
Firm under my feet.
It hurts
But its a relief.
I’m being released,
Slowly released
I’m finally free.

The Prince with Ten Swords

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Snakes and thrones will shake your bones
But some words will make you shiver
And when you hear what he didn’t say
You’ll want to fast-run from hither
The world can be a murky place
Where morals burn and quiver
He wears the diadem of the ten of swords…
And his lies flow like its river.