Happy 88th Birthday Poppa <3



A man of class, and eight-eight
Walking tall and never late
Enjoys a whisky
When the clock dots six
We’ll pour for him
His heavenly mix
Can chat about anything
and everything
and more
And when the dot strikes eight,
It’s out the door
And down the stairs
To enjoy a plate
Of whatever his darling wife
Told the cook to make.
He likes his curries
And spaghetti bolonaise,
A potato souffle,
And his creme brûlée
Bananas glazed with syrup
And rich cocoa
And drizzled with that liqueur
He’s got on the go. 

As the years go on,
His family grows fonder
Of that mind of his
Filled with absolute wonder.
He can tell you about anything
And everything
And more,
When questions need answering
I knock on his door.
Jazz chords and good conversations
Pour out of his door,
My poppa I love him,
Forever and more. 

(I should have posted this on May 1st – his birthday – my apologies! He did enjoy me reading it to him, I think it may have “embarrassed” him a little too :P)