To the Creator.



You gave me life
when I had given up wanting it:
Mouth to mouth,
Eye to eye,
heart to heart.
You resuscitated me.
You brought me back.
You made me remember
who I am.

You breathed love
for the first time into me,
my veins
y ears
y heart
my brain.

I had no inkling of who you were
or why you came.
But when you did it was like a love’s lit flame… feeling
Now I sit here with the genuine belief
That I’m forever destined to
hold your name
in my heart. 

You came and now I know why
it didn’t work out from the start.
There was nothing, and then there was you.
I could never give my time and attention
because until I found you,
the rest just wasn’t true.

You make me wake up
everyday to be better.
Because of you I changed into
who I was meant to be all along. 

And I hope you’ll see the best version
of me that has ever lived. 

To love this world, pure and true.
You taught me love.

Thank you for saving me, for rescuing me
and this wild heart and soul
that was made by you and
in likeness to you.