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People’ll only remember you for
what you did yesterday
yesteryear or years back
no matter how much you changed
no matter how much you
uprooted the ivy of your bad habits
they’ll treat you like you’re still the same.

Yeah, Tony stole my lunchbox back in year three
So that must mean he’ll never be good to me.
Once a cheat, always a cheat.
You’re an alco, not anonymous!
And his name’s still synonymous
with drug dealer and murderer.

It’s just that game we like to play
We’d rather not change our opinions of things
we’d rather not evolve
Or move on
we’d rather not accept that we can do better
that we will do better
that we are doing better.
We’d rather stick with the same old, same old,
with what we know,
than shift our gears into a higher plane.
But i’m telling you I’m not the same.
You’re not the same.

And when you consciously choose to not be the same,
To do better,
Be the best version of you there is,
That serves your highest good
You as the creator,
Because you are a creator –
Then you really aren’t the same.
But they’ll treat you like you’re still the same.

Redemption is a decision that can be made in a millisecond
and the only one who needs to forgive you is you.
You must be redeemed in your own eyes, no one else’s.
Because your God loves you,
He never even felt like he needed to forgive you.
In his eyes, you are love.

You don’t have to be that person you were.
You don’t have to be those things you did.
You aren’t as bad as they say you were.
You can choose!

See, Those mistakes you made,
I like them.
They make you human.
I accept them.
One day you’ll stop making them
Or you’ve already stopped making them!
Maybe they weren’t even mistakes
But habits that you fell into
That ultimately didn’t serve you
But didn’t they kinda serve you
Because they showed you the version of yourself
you don’t want to be?
They shaped you into the living lit being
you are being and breathing right now.

Why can’t they understand how,
We’re not the things we did
The things we said,
the people we hurt,
The lowliest dirt of ourselves.

I’d won’t undo what I did.
Nor erase it, edit it.
pretend like I didn’t do it,
Be ashamed.

And I won’t answer to those who call on a name
Acting like it’s still one and the same.
Change is the only constant of our existence.
And I ain’t the me you thought I was way back,
So stop acting like it’s just the same old cat
Drops of the different versions of us
Are ingrained in eternity
But that girl way back…
Yeah, that ain’t me.

And that boy you were…
Yeah, I’ll have to accept it.
That ain’t you no more.
You changed for the better.
I’m happy for you.
I hope they see it too.


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A dear friend shared the following poem with me and kindly gave me permission to share it on Bedroom Poet. These are his words:

Time spent, time shared, time enjoyed.
They say times a healer
Right now, time, I’m annoyed
For the way things have been and the way things are,
Things my eyes have seen emotionally drained n scarred
Wishing things were different.
Can’t help feeling trapped
Lucky my mind is yet to snap.
See I maintain positive thoughts
In a game where we all want it to rain
I’m superior through inner peace
As I feast without pain you endure
Craving fame whilst only love retained
is progress gained not financial but mental
it’s essential
to feel love and give love thats humane
knowing we one n the same
this is my focus
this is my aim
yet understand I’m human along the way
I have made others cry
I have cried myself sometimes alone
but I maintain strength through the black dot in my heart
this makes my compassion a bit stop and start
I wish I could unbreak some of the heart
which I marked with all of my soul
all of my spark this was a love true to me
I knew I could feel and always see
because of my slack self and history
I lost it thinking she would be better without me
biggest mistake I’ve made selflessly
could you forgive me?

By Alex Long

One of the ways we can help each other and lift each other is through words. The more words we share straight from the heart, straight from the pain, the more honest we are with ourselves, and others. I don’t know about you but this poem is something I can really relate to and reading it has helped heal me too. I can’t wait to read and hear more of his stuff.

Please, if you ever want to share your poetry on Bedroom Poet and on my facebook page,, please get in touch either through my facebook page or via email

Let’s be there for each other.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone :), love Bedroom Poet xo