Becoming Prettier…

Poem-Story, Poetry


All the girls gather,
Looking oh so pretty,
Perfect bodies,
Porcelain skin,
Or tanned beauties,
Hair thick, long or luscious,
Jaw lines on point,
Perfect noses,
Full, perky breasts,
Full smiles.


She paid 5 mill to look that way.
6 months spent going in and out of operations,
Under the knife
All because her husband couldn’t stand to have a wife
That looked less magnificent than a trophy wife.
Or her manager told her to.
Her breasts aren’t hers.
Her skin she bleached white
Because they told her to fight for white.
Or, they told her white was boring,
“Get a tan girl!”
So she smothers herself with fake tan every night
And lies under the cancerous UV light
As much as she can.
Her teeth pearl white because she had them done.
Couldn’t eat for 3 days straight.
Tummy tucked,
Fat sucked out.
Hair implants
Or extensions of virgin hair flown in from India.
Chemical peels
Lips done.
Her nose was broken into place
3 times.
Her face her biggest lie.
Money well spent
Because apparently the way she looked was never good enough.

Their smiles hide a million tears.

Pictures Hide A Thousand Lies… 1

Poem-Story, Poetry


Do you ever look at a photo
And wonder if what’s pictured
As it seems?

Picture this,
Pictured this.

He’s holding her hands and looking deep into her eyes
A look of longing and admiration
Down at this vision in violet.
She’s looking up at him,
Her big brown eyes, love-struck
And her lips pursed
As if ready to receive the kiss of life.


She’s his third wife.
He banged her best friend last summer.
He hates it when she opens her mouth.
He only wants children to make his mother happy.

She knows she’ll never live up to his mother.
She knows he banged her best friend.
She knows he’s lying about where his money’s going.
She can smell the stench of her perfume.
She can’t have kids and she doesn’t know how to break it to him.
She’s terrified.

But what’s the point in showing them the truth?
Hit them with lies
That’s how they survive.
All this is staged.
A staged photo to justify
Why they ever decided to walk down that aisle.