My gosh, Grace!



A magical potion of poetry…
Pure magic!
Voyaging, pirouettes and twirls
Up and down,
All around
With yellow sunflowers
Oozing out of every pore
Purple swirls radiating from her crown
A Poetic ballerina
And her own ballad of poetry
An ocean of fire and smiles
Poetry in motion
She brought that notion to life!
She walks in and the room lights up.
You see it, not just me !
When she dances or sings the day lights up.
And when she talks
Or plays those strings
The world lights up
You see it, not just me
She’s just so lit up
She brought lit into being.
She’s a being like no other.
Her eyes grow wild with
An innocent and raw fire
Everytime something excites her.
Takes her higher
Everything is new to her.
Everything is beautiful.
Everything is “splendid”.
Everything is everything,
All at once.
Her name says it all
But it still doesn’t do justice
To the magnificence
And magic
That is Grace.
When she walks with you,
Not a day grows old.